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Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 06:34 PM
Boris Johnson, the front-runner in the race to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May, has told pro-Brexit lawmakers he would leave open the possibility of... [Read More]
The UK is setting firmer environmental targets in the wake of large-scale climate protests. Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May has proposed legislation that w... [Read More]
That he is the favourite to succeed Theresa May is a reflection on the appalling judgement of the current crop of Conservative MPs... [Read More]
Former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, who is bidding to take Theresa May's crown as Tory leader, was excruciatingly snubbed by her former TV... [Read More]
A slew of Tories competing to take over the top job from Theresa May have admitted to taking drugs ranging from cannabis to cocaine, prompting... [Read More]
In her final flourish as PM, Theresa May has sought to cement some sort of legacy by enshrining in law a commitment to reach net... [Read More]
Outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May's greenhouse gases bill, a bid to leave a legacy in her final weeks in office, sets a new bar... [Read More]
What some of the line-up of Conservative contenders to succeed Theresa May have to say for themselves... [Read More]
The UK's Climate Change Act of 2008 mandated a reduction of 80% in emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2050. Today the outgoing Prime Minister... [Read More]
LONDON: Sajid Javid, one of the candidates vying to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May, said his rival Boris Johnson was "yesterday s news" and that... [Read More]
Los legisladores británicos de la oposición fracasaron el miércoles en su intento más reciente de asegurar los medios para que el Reino Unido no pueda... [Read More]
LONDON: Boris Johnson launches his campaign Wednesday to replace Theresa May as Britains next leader, as lawmakers moved to stop him and other hardliners from... [Read More]
Boris Johnson kicked off his campaign to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday with a commitment to lead Britain out of the European Union... [Read More]
Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May will put legislation to members of Parliament on Wednesday that will require Britain to cut its emissions to net-zero by... [Read More]
Isaac Chotiner interviews the writer and cabinet minister Rory Stewart, who is among the more moderate contenders to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister of... [Read More]
Amy Davidson Sorkin on Michael Gove and Boris Johnson admitting to trying cocaine and on other contenders for Prime Minister accounting for their own drug... [Read More]
Several of the contenders to replace Prime Minister Theresa May have said Britain should leave the European Union on Oct. 31, even if that means... [Read More]
Sajid Javid, one of the candidates vying to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May, said his rival Boris Johnson was "yesterday's news" and that it... [Read More]
The prime minister has committed the UK to the toughest climate change target of any major economy, overruling the chancellor in the process.Theresa May has... [Read More]
The visit this week of President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump to England, Ireland and France, featured no public speaking engagements from the... [Read More]