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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
COVID-19 and injuries threw several kinks into the Patriots' 2020 season. Their first campaign without Tom Brady ended with a 7-9 finish and a seat... [Read More]
Patrick Mahomes has a good chance to break some football passing records, including those of Tom Brady, before his career as an NFL quarterback is... [Read More]
Since joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last spring, Tom Brady has shown everyone a more laid-back and personable side. [Read More]
Patrick Mahomes may break some of Tom Brady's career passing records some day, but he broke an off-field record of Brady's today. A 1-of-1 National... [Read More]
It is quite understandable why President Biden declined to meet with the visiting political opposition leader from Belarus the other day. After all, she is... [Read More]
The previous highest sale ever for an NFL card was $3.1 million for a 2000 Tom Brady rookie autograph card... [Read More]
The Mahomes card broke the previous highest sale ever for an NFL card which was $3.1 million for a 2000 Tom Brady rookie autograph card. [Read More]
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes dethroned Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady — at least in the sports card market. ... [Read More]
Tom Brady had a fitting reaction to Matt Damon unapologetically explaining what takes precedence within his football fandom. [Read More]
Mahomes' 2017 Chiefs rookie card sold for a whopping $4.3 million — easily shattering the mark set by Brady's $3.1 million from his 2000 New... [Read More]
The Patriots had one of the worst... [Read More]
Here we look back to 1996 when Tom Brady threw his first-ever pass as a Michigan Wolverine, a pick-six against UCLA in a blowout game. [Read More]
The card sold for $1.2M more than Brady's did last month. [Read More]
Former Texas Tech legendary quarterback just defeated Tom Brady. (Good!) Okay, it wasn't for the most recent Super Bowl Championship, but instead it was the... [Read More]
The amount beats the previously-set record in March for a Tom Brady rookie card that sold for $3.1 million. [Read More]
Michael Jordan couldn't stand losing at the table. Neither could Tom Brady. What about the sport brings out the competitor in everybody? [Read More]
Former Patriot Vince Wilfork shares his expectation for the environment at Gillette Stadium when Tom Brady returns to New England. [Read More]
Actor Matt Damon is a diehard Patriots fan, but who would he root for if New England met Tom Brady's Buccaneers in the Super Bowl? [Read More]
Matt Damon reveals on "The Bill Simmons Podcast" that he watched every Tampa Bay Buccaneers game during the 2020 season to see Brady. [Read More]
The Hollywood star and Boston native came down on the side of Brady, a former U-M player. [Read More]
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