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He's joining Tom Hanks in the live-action film. [Read More]
Luke Evans is set to join Tom Hanks in Disney+'s remake of 'Pinocchio' as The Coachman. [Read More]
TOM HANKS has shared how he had serious doubts about Forrest Gump while shooting the Robert Zemeckis movie which went on to be an Oscar-winning... [Read More]
Luke Evans will be playing the child-kidnapping Coachman in Robert Zemeckis' live-action Pinocchio movie... [Read More]
Evans will star as The Coachman in director Robert Zemeckis' live-action fairytale remake. [Read More]
Luke Evans joins the cast of Robert Zemeckis' Pinocchio for Disney+ alongside Tom Hanks. [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE:  Deadline can tell you first that Beauty and the Beast Gaston star Luke Evans will play The Coachman in Disney+'s live-action retelling of Pinocchio, directed by... [Read More]
January 26, 2021 "The Marksman" has the unfortunate timing to come out less than a month after "News of the World." Although the two... [Read More]
The group that puts on the Golden Globes is clearly quite fond of Jane Fonda. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association on Tuesday announced that the... [Read More]
On his first day in office, President Joe Biden quickly set about undoing some of his predecessor's signature policies... ... [Read More]
Directed by Paul Greengrass (the Bourne films, Captain Phillips), News of the World reworks themes from a classic John Wayne movie. [Read More]
Set five years after the Civil War, Tom Hanks stars in "News of the World" — an... [Read More]
NEWS OF THE WORLD review: Tom Hanks stars in Paul Greengrass' visually stunning and action-packed Western that looks set for Oscars glory. [Read More]
Listen to The Daily Article Podcast, then subscribe. Over the weekend, Janet and I watched Tom Hanks' new film, News of the World. It is a moving... [Read More]
I'm hoping you'll see "News of the World," the new Tom Hanks movie based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Paulette Jiles,... [Read More]
The Paul Greengrass-directed News of the World re-teams the filmmaker with Tom Hanks in an Old West tale about a country trying to heal. [Read More]
Katy Dobson and her family have taken to calling her 2-week-old boy, Atlas, a "coronial." Atlas' time in his mother's womb coincided almost perfectly with... [Read More]
Adopted by and starring Tom Hanks, Greyhound has all the hallmarks of a classic WWII film, with a unique intimacy. [Read More]
Paul Greengrass' drama, starring the actor as a "post-Civil War CNN," has all the hallmarks of a classic Western, but its message of hope amid... [Read More]
Somewhere out there, this year's Oscar producers were taking notes. [Read More]
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