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As the room filled with smoke and the flames spread, the trooper helped save the trapped man. [Read More]
Pictures show a seal trapped in plastic swimming goggles it picked up at sea - and nature lovers say it sends a warning about the... [Read More]
Disturbing footage shows water rushing down the stairs of the Mercadona de la Antilla in the Spanish city of Huelva. Orange weather warnings have already... [Read More]
A toddler had her head freed by police after getting stuck between railing bars.Boulder police shared footage of the moment they freed the little girl's... [Read More]
The rider, who was trapped under an articulated truck, was freed by the fire service. [Read More]
Shane Gibbons died in 2019 after he became trapped under a jet boat following a crash. [Read More]
Sean Hannity ripped President Biden on "Hannity" on Wednesday for the president's "insulting" attempt to "turn the page" on the Afghanistan crisis. [Read More]
A pair of construction workers performing renovations on the condominium building at 1280 West Peachtree in Berkeley Park came face to face with a 15-story-drop... [Read More]
Boulder Police officers rescued a toddler who wedged her head between two bars on a porch at an apartment complex, which left her trapped. [Read More]
Premier Dan Andrews has provided some much-needed relief for Victorian residents trapped in New South Wales with new rules on interstate travel. [Read More]
A WOMAN is fighting for her life and three children were hurt after fire ripped through a home The 28-year-old woman was rescued after being... [Read More]
Franklin County firefighters rescued a woman trapped in a pit by a piece of machinery for more than an hour Tuesday. [Read More]
The threat of possible deportation on both sides of the border created the sensation of an open-air jail. [Read More]
We've got a fair number of repentant former Republicans roaming loose on the political landscape these days. They like to tell us that the onetime... [Read More]
The Democratic "victory" of 2020 brought false hope — but this party isn't ready for its date with destiny... [Read More]
Officers in Boulder, Colo. helped a 3-year-old girl free her head from two steel bars. [Read More]
As the Taliban increases their control over citizens trapped within Afghanistan, refugees who made it to Sacramento are telling their stories of survival. [Read More]
Keith Dalton and his crew of football referees say they were recently officiating a high school game, after which they found themselves locked inside a... [Read More]
A surveillance camera captured the moment a Maine police officer rescued a deer from a woman's swimming pool. [Read More]
Since President Biden's chaotic withdrawal, trapped Afghanis like Rohullah Sadat have been forced to rely on ad-hoc networks rather than the US government. [Read More]
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