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CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Trigger warning: some readers may be traumatised by the issues discussed in this column. If you have been affected, please lie down in... [Read More]
Luis Castoire was traumatised after finding the body of a man while he was fishing. He said he "thought he was seeing a ghost" after... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Emma and Lou of Barton Moss Farm have rehomed 1,500 dogs, with many of them escaping a traumatic life on Romanian streets where strays... [Read More]
Mariah Carey has claimed her sister tried to "sell her out to a pimp" when she was just 12 years old. The Fantasy singer... [Read More]
A Co Down father says his youngest daughter was left traumatised after being bitten in the face by a dog during a distressing incident at... [Read More]
TIKTOK says a gruesome video of a man committing suicide that went viral on its platform was spread deliberately by a group of sickos working... [Read More]
Male victim and his partner left unharmed but traumatised by incident. [Read More]
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