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Dr. Edelstein has enjoyed a successful career in medicine but he cherishes his brief moment in the spotlight. [Read More]
To say that Trebek was core to the success of "Jeopardy!" is an understatement. [Read More]
Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Kobe Bryant. Alex Trebek. Chadwick Boseman. A look back at celebrities, leaders and other notable people who died this year:... [Read More]
Rosie Perez is sharing fond memories of what it was like to work with the late Alex Trebek. The pair met while filming for a... [Read More]
A Fresno State professor will appear on one of the last "Jeopardy!" episodes featuring Alex Trebek. [Read More]
Rosie Perez said that seeing Alex Trebek in person for his cameo in "White Men Can't Jump" made her speech impediment return. [Read More]
The final week of shows hosted by Trebek, who died Nov. 8 after a public battle with pancreatic cancer, can be seen starting Jan. 4,... [Read More]
The category was "A Star Is Born." The answer: "April 30, 1985 in Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel gave us this wonder of a gal." Walnut Creek... [Read More]
and, with Festivus not far off, some airing of grievances. Q: I am very sorry to see that Ken Jennings will be the interim host... [Read More]
Fans shared their favorite memories of the longtime quiz show host. [Read More]
The show must go on. The new season of "Jeopardy!" — the first without the late Alex Trebek as host — will begin airing January... [Read More]
Graduates relate their game show experiences with the late host. [Read More]
November brought the passing of iconic "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek; David Prowse, the original Darth Vader; "American Idol" contestant Nikki McKibbin; and Bobby Brown Jr.,... [Read More]
Ken Jennings, who holds the record for the longest winning streak in Jeopardy! history, will serve as the first of several interim hosts until the... [Read More]
Allentown native Ben Ring will compete on Monday night's episode of "Jeopardy!" on the same day the show goes back to production following the death... [Read More]
California resident and Allentown native Ben Ring will compete on Monday night's episode of "Jeopardy!" on the same day that the show goes back to... [Read More]
Since Alex Trebek's death, "Jeopardy!" has been seeking a replacement with several contenders. [Read More]
It's the most wonderful time of the year -- which is why Netflix is filling up your queue with holiday cheer! December 2020 will bring... [Read More]
Alex Trebek but not forgotten. Though he has passed, the beloved game show host is continuing to appear on new Jeopardy! episodes, thanks to his... [Read More]
Jeopardy! just announced that Ken Jennings will be the first interim host after the passing of Alex Trebek. How should Jennings tackle the role? [Read More]
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