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Local 10 spoke exclusively with the first responders who jumped into action and saved a man's life after he drive his car into a canal... [Read More]
A mysterious shipwreck that may date back to the 1800s has emerged from the sands of a northern Florida beach. [Read More]
This doesn't seem normal. Tropical Storm Eta, after making landfall in the Florida Keys this month, dumped almost 14 inches in 24 hours in Miramar. [Read More]
After Tropical Storm Eta passed over northern Florida, a beachgoer made an unusual discovery while walking... [Read More]
Beach erosion from Tropical Storm Eta uncovers 1800s shipwreck in St. Augustine - Florida... [Read More]
The National Hurricane Center isn't taking it easy just because the end of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is around the corner as another tropical... [Read More]
Tropical Storm Eta caused considerable beach erosion on the Gulf Coast. It may mean our coastline is in danger from a future storm. [Read More]
Hurricane Eta, the 28th named storm of the 2020 hurricane season, left a trail of destruction that spanned several countries... [Read More]
Beach erosion caused by Tropical Storm Eta uncovered a shipwreck dating back to the 1800s. [Read More]
After Tropical Storm Eta swept across northern Florida earlier this month, a beachgoer made a discovery while walking on the shore in St. Augustine. What... [Read More]
The Great Blizzard of 1888 represents the worst weather-related or natural disaster in the history of New York, according to an analysis from the website... [Read More]
Researchers believe the timbers are likely from the Caroline Eddy, an American merchant ship that was bound for New York but sailed into a hurricane. [Read More]
After Tropical Storm Eta swept across northern Florida earlier this month, a beachgoer made a discovery while walking on the shore in St. Augustine. What... [Read More]
At the historic Mayberry Cemetery off Bessie Dixon Road in Seffner, more than a dozen graves were damaged, and some caskets now exposed, after the... [Read More]
Well, here we are in 2020 putting people in space and on the moon and can't keep an electrical grid up with 70 to 80... [Read More]
Maryland lawmakers are calling on President Donald Trump to to overturn his decision to deny federal disaster funding to Maryland to help with the damage... [Read More]
Maryland's Congressional delegation wrote President Trump on Friday asking him to reverse his decision to deny federal disaster relief for the state following Tropical Storm... [Read More]
Many Madeira Beach residents say they're struggling and having to move out because of damage left behind by Tropical Storm Eta. [Read More]
Central Hudson Gas & Electric plans to challenge millions of dollars in fines related to its response to Tropical Storm Isaias this summer, a company... [Read More]
Tropical Storm Eta dismantled what was left of Mark Sternal's sailboat. [Read More]
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