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Attorney General Merrick Garland overturned two cases decided by the Trump Justice Department that made immigrants fleeing domestic or gang violence in their home countries... [Read More]
The development ends a months-long effort by the Trump Justice Department to stop John Bolton from releasing his memoir. [Read More]
The Trump Justice Department went to unprecedented lengths to hunt down leakers, seizing records from reporters, Democrats, and a White House counsel. [Read More]
In the wake of revelations that the Trump Justice Department secretly surveilled Democratic lawmakers and reporters from prominent news outlets in an effort to hunt... [Read More]
Amid revelations of Trump-era spying, Trevor Timm calls out the attempt by Biden's DOJ to criminalize news gathering in the case against Julian Assange.   ... [Read More]
Attorney General Merrick Garland is meeting with leaders from CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, and he's going to have some explaining... [Read More]
In our news wrap Monday, new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett formally took office, ending Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year rule. The U.S. neared 600,000 deaths from... [Read More]
Former White House counsel Don McGahn and wife have been notified by Apple that the Trump Justice Department requested information on them in 2018. So... [Read More]
Attorney General Merrick Garland is to meet with news executives Monday to discuss the Trump administration's seizing phone records in a... [Read More]
Apple reveals that their records and metadata were seized as part of a leaks investigation by the Trump Justice Department. [Read More]
CNN correspondent Barbara Starr was one of the journalists whose records the Trump Justice Department secretly tried to obtain, and on Monday she penned an... [Read More]
The Trump Justice Department secretly subpoenaed account information from White House counsel Don McGahn and his wife. Apple informed McGahn that his information had been... [Read More]
The secret DOJ subpoena sought account information for Don McGahn as well as his wife. It is unclear what the department was investigating or whether... [Read More]
Former Attorneys General Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions should answer for the Trump Justice Department's secret seizure of data about House Democrats, Senate Majority Leader... [Read More]
Multiple news reports emerged on Sunday stating the Trump Justice Department sought Apple records from former White House counsel Don McGahn, a revelation following McGahn's... [Read More]
The disclosure came amid political fallout from revelations that the Trump administration also secretly sought the records of journalists and Democrats on the House Intelligence... [Read More]
A new report says that one of the people the Trump Justice Department sought data from in subpoenaing Apple was then-White House counsel Don McGahn. [Read More]
In recent days the U.S. Justice Department has taken positions that have disappointed Democrats and others because they defend legal arguments that the Trump administration... [Read More]
CNN legal and national security analyst Carrie Cordero says under normal justice department process then-Attorney General Bill Barr would have been briefed about the effort... [Read More]
On Friday, the DOJ's inspector general said he would investigate whether the Trump administration improperly seized other phone records. [Read More]
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