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On today's episode of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', Tucker inspects COVID origins following report that links Dr. Anthony Fauci to Wuhan lab; plus, dramatic video shows... [Read More]
Henry McMaster, main, said on Thursday that his state will opt out of the coronavirus pandemic assistance programs beginning June 30. McMaster appeared on Tucker... [Read More]
Tucker parroted the conspiracy theory that Fauci started the coronavirus pandemic... [Read More]
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines why the NIAID director helped fund research at the Wuhan lab... [Read More]
'Candace' host joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discuss the former-First Lady's interview with CBS... [Read More]
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host investigates where the coronavirus pandemic came from, and the role Anthony Fauci played. Read Full Article... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson criticized the vaccine mandate adopted by more than 100 schools that requires students to get vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19). The mandates vary from school... [Read More]
A New York mother and her autistic son's neurologist joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to speak out after a New York school forced the autistic 5-year-old to... [Read More]
The Fox & Friends crew is vaccinated—along with other network stars on up to Rupert Murdoch. So what about the guy pushing anti-vax rhetoric in... [Read More]
Barstool Sports founder and president David Portnoy joined Fox Nation's "Tucker Carlson Today" on Monday for a wide-ranging discussion about everything from his sports media... [Read More]
Medical analyst called Fox News host a 'saboteur' over his anti-vaccination comments... [Read More]
Fox News host Tucker Carlson has spent the last few months of his show just asking questions about the coronavirus vaccines—you know, the kind of... [Read More]
Fox News did not answer Insider's requests for comment after Tucker Carlson recently aired several segments questioning the validity of vaccines. [Read More]
CNN host Brian Stelter spoke out on Sunday to blast Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who he says is "scaring his audience so recklessly" on... [Read More]
Dr Jonathan Reiner used a CNN appearance to tear into Carlson, who has used his show to cast doubt on the safety and effectiveness of... [Read More]
CNN Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter explains how "Foxitis" and Tucker Carlson are impeding the country's pandemic recovery. [Read More]
Barstool Sports founder and CEO David Portnoy revealed the key to his professional success and whether he plans to seek political office in a candid new episode... [Read More]
Fox News and Tucker Carlson added another entry to their laundry list of reckless and incendiary claims regarding COVID-19: "Official government data" indicates dozens of... [Read More]
On his show Sunday, CNN host Jim Acosta addressed Fox News host Tucker Carlson and the bad-faith questions that he's asked about the COVID-19 vaccine.The... [Read More]
A top prosecutor has requested a federal investigation into a Fox affiliate for being critical of her and having ties to Fox News' "Tucker Carlson... [Read More]
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