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Donald Trump Jr. cast doubt on intelligence warning that Russia could launch a cyberattack on American assets during an animated appearance on Sean Hannity's show... [Read More]
The Kremlin said Thursday that there was "little ground for optimism" in resolving the crisis over Ukraine after the U.S. rejected Russia's main demands, but... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Special Report', Bret reports President Biden speaks with the Ukrainian President, while Russia is bracing for war over Ukraine. Meanwhile, media... [Read More]
Are things really as they seem to be on the surface of the Russia–Ukraine crisis—with Vladimir Putin the ... [Read More]
UN Security Council will meet Monday on the border standoff... [Read More]
Motorists have been warned lofty prices at the petrol pump will likely move higher as Russia's threat to Ukraine and a recovering global economy raise... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'The Story', Trace Gallagher response to the Pentagon giving an announcement on Russia-Ukraine tension and threat of Russia's weaponry. Meanwhile, videos... [Read More]
President Joe Biden reportedly told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday to brace his country for a certain Russian invasion. Biden told... [Read More]
A day after the United States and its allies formally responded to security demands issued by Russia, top officials in Moscow said their chief concerns... [Read More]
The White House denied a claim that President Joe Biden had an uncomfortable phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky in which he said Kyiv... [Read More]
The White House says President Joe Biden warned Ukraine's president Thursday that there is a "distinct possibility" Russia could take military action against... [Read More]
The Department of Defense has identified several units that could be deployed to Ukraine if Russia invades the country. Among those, is a unit from... [Read More]
BRITAIN was told to brace for a massive cyber onslaught in the run up to possible war in Ukraine. Hoards of Russian of web-warriors are... [Read More]
About 100,000 troops are positioned near Ukraine's border. [Read More]
Units within III Armored Corps at Fort Hood are on high alert and prepared to deploy as tensions between Russian and Ukraine are ramping up. [Read More]
The United States and NATO have made no concessions to the main Russian demands to resolve the crisis over Ukraine, including giving Moscow a guarantee... [Read More]
During Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Boris Johnson argued that the lockdown parties investigation was a sideshow, as the build-up of troops on the border... [Read More]
A major expansion of the war in Ukraine is unlikely — at least "for the next two weeks," according to the top Ukrainian diplomat. [Read More]
Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov reportedly said Thursday that the U.S. and NATO's responses to its security demands in relation to the Ukraine situation offer "little... [Read More]
French intellectual Bernard-Henry Levy, known colloquially as BHL, says Americans have 'no choice' but to get involved in Ukraine on 'Special Report.'... [Read More]
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