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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY is set to shake things up for a potential third season with the introduction of the Sparrow Academy. But what exactly is... [Read More]
The Umbrella Academy's siblings are as dysfunctional as any superhero family can get, especially when one of the brothers, Ben, is a ghost living vicariously... [Read More]
As one of Netflix's latest additions, and with a just-released second season, The Umbrella Academy has all of us just a bit obsessed. Based on... [Read More]
Is it about control, or does it go deeper? [Read More]
Dallas museums have tried their hardest to keep us entertained (and, above all, cultured) while we ride out the pandemic at home. For months, most... [Read More]
"I wasn't surprised when they left me in the dark [again]. It's something that I've become very accustomed to on this show." [Read More]
Do you identify with one of the Hargreeves, or are you more like Lila or The Handler? Find out in this 'The Umbrella Academy' season... [Read More]
Celebration of incredibly talented "The Umbrella Academy" beauty Emmy Raver-Lampman... [Read More]
From 'Lucifer' to 'Doom Patrol,' graphic novels have been the source of some interesting TV. [Read More]
From 'Lucifer' to 'Doom Patrol,' graphic novels have been the source of some interesting TV. [Read More]
Umbrella Academy recently debuted its second season on Netflix, and now it's gotten a whole new... [Read More]
This season's '60s setting is transformative and captivating, bringing lighthearted fun to the dark world of "The Umbrella Academy." [Read More]
and she's got a secret weapon not even Sissy knows about: Vanya is a bona fide time-traveling superhero who can manipulate sound waves. [Read More]
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 was firing on all cylinders. [Read More]
Steve Blackman has shared this thoughts on a potential third season for The Umbrella Academy, and we look at what might happen next in the... [Read More]
'The Umbrella Academy' is fantastic, funny and filled with the kind of hope that makes viewers feel that we all have some kind of hero... [Read More]
By now, fans of The Umbrella Academy have either binged the entire second season, which was released on Netflix on July 31, or they've practiced... [Read More]
The breakout new addition thought she was auditioning for a single-episode role, not one of season two's biggest cliffhangers. [Read More]
The Hargreeves siblings have saved the world again, so what's in store for them in The Umbrella Academy season 3? [Read More]
It's okay that you already binge-watched The Umbrella Academy, we have more shows for you to watch that will take over your summer. [Read More]
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