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Monday, February 22, 2021 at 09:27 PM
Residents in not only Broomfield but also the Netherlands dodged falling engine parts from Boeing planes Saturday, bringing international scrutiny to the type of engine... [Read More]
A Boeing 757 operated by Delta Air Lines flying to Seattle from Atlanta made an emergency landing after the flight crew noticed an indicator warning... [Read More]
Metal fatigue on a fan blade appears to be the cause of an engine failure on a United Airlines jet that took off from Denver... [Read More]
The National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary findings also document a "loud bang" heard on the cockpit voice recorder. [Read More]
Three years before Saturday's harrowing engine failure and aborted flight to Hawaii, another Boeing 777 headed for Honolulu faced a similar emergency with the same... [Read More]
Channel 2 Action News has learned that a Delta flight from Atlanta to Seattle had to be diverted over after an engine issue. ... [Read More]
TheStreetMish TalkGlobal EconomicsAnother Jet Engine Explodes Scattering Parts Over the NetherlandsMishIn three days, there have been two incidents of Boeing jets with Pratt & Whitney... [Read More]
Broomfield police continue to get calls from people finding parts of United Airlines flight 328 that had to make an emergency landing on Saturday after... [Read More]
Boeing has recommended airlines ground all 777s with the type of engine that blew apart after takeoff from Denver International Airport Saturday, and most carriers... [Read More]
An investigation is underway to find out what caused an engine to fail on a Boeing 777 shortly after the United Airlines flight took off... [Read More]
A veteran United Airlines pilot is being praised for keeping passengers calm as he safely landed a jet after one of its engines caught fire... [Read More]
Boeing is recommending some 777 jets be grounded worldwide after an engine fell apart after a United plane took off. CBS46 investigated and discovered that... [Read More]
Residents have called the police department hundreds of times in the last 24 hours to to report or turn in debris from a United Airlines... [Read More]
A veteran United Airlines pilot is being praised for keeping passengers calm as he safely landed a jet after its engine caught fire following takeoff in... [Read More]
The investigation into the engine explosion on a United Airlines flight over the weekend is homing in on why engine fan blades broke off. [Read More]
A Boeing 747 jet engine exploded in midair Saturday over the Netherlands, dropping metal debris that injured two people, according to Dutch authorities.The plane, a... [Read More]
Pilots all over Colorado and the world are praising the pilots of United Airlines Flight 328 for getting the plane back to DIA safely. [Read More]
A weekend incident involving a United Airlines-operated Boeing 777 resulted in some disturbing images but shouldn't spark bigger worries for the planemaker. [Read More]
An investigation into Boeing 777s is underway after an engine burst into flames on a United Airlines flight over the weekend. [Read More]
The sound rumbled across the sky above Broomfield Saturday afternoon. What followed was something equally unnatural and dangerous: small and large pieces of a massive... [Read More]
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