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She may have accumulated a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio since winning Miss Universe in 2004. ... [Read More]
This recap contains spoilers from Episode 12 of DC's Stargirl (which premieres new episodes Monday on DC Universe and Tuesday on The CW). This week on DC's... [Read More]
A new study by a team of astronomers and planetary scientists calculate that some stars could have as many as 7 habitable planets orbiting them! [Read More]
"Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe," by Brian Greene. Knopf, 428 pages. $30. [Read More]
It's still going to be a while until fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe see any of the highly... [Read More]
No. Just no. [Read More]
The Universe is about 10% smoother than we expect, and astronomers aren't entirely sure why. [Read More]
Scientists gathered samples of the most nutrient-poor ocean sediments on Earth, and revived dormant microbes that were over 100 million years old. [Read More]
Injustice: Year Zero instead acts as an all-you-can-eat buffet across the DC Universe... [Read More]
SCIENTISTS at CERN are one step closer to understanding how the Higgs boson interacts with the Universe, after observing the never-seen-before decay of the so-called... [Read More]
  The detection of the "Higgs" in 2012  -described by Caltech physicist Sean Carroll as "the particle at the end of the universe" –was the... [Read More]
Fox News' Greg Gutfeld said on Tuesday that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio "might be the least-liked mayor in the history of the... [Read More]
Universal is holding off on its newest theme park, which could mean major changes for its key land. [Read More]
KPI Ninja, a leading healthcare technology company known for its comprehensive population health analytics, is pleased to announce that their... [Read More]
Vice President Mike Pence appeared with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM's Breitbart News Daily today to discuss how the Silicon Valley Masters of... [Read More]
A round-up of a eight new Canadian songs, including Raffi's Portland Moms, an Arkells campfire song and a big rendition of Across The Universe... [Read More]
The Red Sox have the worst collection of pitchers maybe in the history of the universe. Today we talk why Matt Vasgersian needs to calm... [Read More]
    "Black holes are the seductive dragons of the universe," wrote science-fiction author Robert Coover, "outwardly quiescent yet violent at the heart, uncanny, hostile, primeval,... [Read More]
The Bachelorette universe has been ablaze with drama over the last few weeks, so bear with me: No one knows what the forthcoming season is going... [Read More]
Scientists have found new, peculiar stars that could help shed light on how life was  Phosphorus is key for understanding the story of our universe,... [Read More]
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