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Maybe its because of the investigative nature of humans, we like to peer into other people's lives, like the need to look at a squished... [Read More]
In this edition, find out how Hollywood makes walking on walls in movies possible, see Who Framed Roger Rabbit mashed up with Unsolved Mysteries, and... [Read More]
Over the course of 23 years, Unsolved Mysteries served up missing persons, fugitives, paranormal stories, and even miracles to an audience full of people hoping... [Read More]
A mysterious UFO, a Hollywood-inspired suicide, a man who hugs his wife's ashes: Unsolved Mysteries' craziest conspiracy theories explained... [Read More]
Justin Sprague, who was Alonzo Brooks' ride the night of the party, appeared on the Netflix show to give his sparse accounts of the evening,... [Read More]
NETFLIX'S Unsolved Mysteries director has revealed they were forced to cut harrowing child murder scenes that depicted detailed recreations of a particular crime.  The case... [Read More]
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