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Businesses and states will soon have an array of requirements for proving vaccinations that their customers will be forced to maneuver. [Read More]
The Tennessee Senate has passed a bill prohibiting government-mandated "vaccine passports." Senators voted 27–3 Wednesday to send Senate Bill 858 to the House. The measure... [Read More]
North Dakota's Senate passed a resolution Thursday urging Congress to oppose COVID-19 vaccine passports. In addition to opposing travel limitations, the resolution also opposes any... [Read More]
With nearly 20% of the U.S. fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and an estimated 3 million shots being administered daily, there is hope for a COVID-free... [Read More]
People are wondering if vaccine passports could be the key to returning to normal activities, from attending concerts to games at stadiums, or if they're... [Read More]
Coinbase's "watershed" moment for crypto, state lawmakers push back against vaccine passports and Uber wants employees back in the office once the pandemic subsides. [Read More]
"Vaccine passports," or vaccine certificates, are documents that show you were vaccinated against COVID-19 or recently tested negative for the virus. [Read More]
A COVID vaccine passport is a certificate which verifies that someone has been vaccinated against COVID-19. [Read More]
What is a vaccine passport, and will I need one? (AP Illustration/Peter Hamlin) [Read More]
It's no surprise that it's been a long, sometimes hopeless, year battling COVID-19. With the ongoing pandemic and more Americans opting to be vaccinated, the... [Read More]
No, no, no, columnist Chuck Pezeshki! (A definite "no" to the idea of vaccine passports, April 10) You are upside down on COVID-19, influenza, vaccinations,... [Read More]
There is an ongoing debate around 'vaccine passports' - even though the Government has yet to finalise plans. [Read More]
Slready, businesses ranging from cruise lines to sports teams have announced they're planning to require some kind of proof of vaccination. And with the Biden... [Read More]
Vaccination passports have become a new ideological battleground of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joining the fray by issuing an order banning... [Read More]
Domestic immunity certificates could be discriminatory and create a "two-tier society", the equalities watchdog said. [Read More]
By far, the worst idea for a post-COVID-19 "reset" is the vaccine passport. The idea is that anyone who wants to travel, attend a concert... [Read More]
In response to Froma Harrop's column "Proof of vaccine not overreach" (The Columbian, April 8), I'd like to say that just because private businesses can... [Read More]
As potential travelers study how the vaccine will affect them, three guests columnists write that Gov. Ron DeSantis' ban on vaccine passports could send tourists... [Read More]
Some want officials to target vaccine supplies to five hotspots where 197,000 people have tested positive in the past week. Plus, Texas says no to... [Read More]
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has told the Cabinet Office they risk creating a "two-tier society". [Read More]
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