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Michaels called Norm Macdonald one of the best to ever do "Weekend Update" [Read More]
Saturday Night Live picked up its fifth straight win in the Variety Sketch Series category. The long-running NBC comedy series beat HBO's A Black Lady... [Read More]
"'Weekend Update' has been part of 'SNL' for 46 seasons, and here I'd like to pay tribute to one of the best we ever had,"... [Read More]
"'Weekend Update' has been part of 'SNL' for 46 seasons, and here I'd like to pay tribute to one of the best we ever had,"... [Read More]
A popular anchor of the show's Weekend Update segment, he was fired for relentlessly mocking OJ Simpson, a friend of an NBC executive... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald, the comedian known for his dry delivery, died this week after a long battle with cancer. The actor is often remembered as the... [Read More]
During an appearnace on Marc Maron's podcast, Norm Macdonald detailed how Steve Martin helped him get the 'Weekend Update' gig. [Read More]
During an appearance on Marc Maron's podcast in 2011, Norm Macdonald revealed the Weekend Update joke he thought was the "holy grail." [Read More]
Norm Macdonald was best known for his time anchoring the Weekend Update segment on SNL... [Read More]
There's not much to say about Norm Macdonald that hasn't already been said. But this coming from Seth Meyers, a guy who was on Weekend... [Read More]
The Canadian standup, most famous for Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, could make the familiar feel strange and new... [Read More]
The 'Late Night' and fellow 'Saturday Night Live' alum recalled how Macdonald influenced his own work on 'Weekend Update' and what he loved about the... [Read More]
Meyers says Macdonald was "the gold standard and he will continue to be the gold standard." [Read More]
If you are a fan of stand-up comedy or "Saturday Night Live," Tuesday was a hard day. Comedian Norm Macdonald died after a battle with... [Read More]
The grieving Meyers also admitted to stealing Norm's delivery, but haven't we all. [Read More]
Legendary comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member Norm Macdonald has died aged 61 after privately battling cancer for nine years.One of the most... [Read More]
Seth Meyers honored comedy legend and fellow "Weekend Update" alum Norm Macdonald, who passed away at 61 on Tuesday after a long and private battle... [Read More]
Comedian Norm Macdonald, a former "Saturday Night Live" writer and performer who was "Weekend Update" host when Bill Clinton and O.J. Simpson provided comic fodder... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald's comedy brilliance, generosity and indelible legacy are being remembered and celebrated. Late night TV hosts including Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and... [Read More]
Norm Macdonald, the acerbic, sometimes controversial comedian familiar to millions as the "Weekend Update" anchor on "Saturday Night Live" from 1994 to 1998, died Tuesday... [Read More]
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