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Here are 11 weird ways that New Orleans marks the Christmas holidays. Hint: We set things on fire. For fun. [Read More]
A British woman based on the Sunshine Coast has revealed the three 'weird' things she hates about living Down Under, as well as the things... [Read More]
The Dallas Cowboys know Jaylon Smith, and are therefore unbothered by his odd "off-the-top-rope'' professional wrestling move in the Giants game. [Read More]
If you needed any indication that Kieffer Bellows is no longer a member of the New York Islanders, just take a look at his chin. ... [Read More]
Got myself kinda weird PSU that got two 6 pin PCIe power connectors and only one 4 pin CPU power connector. It's going into Xeon... [Read More]
It's very weird and I can't troubleshoot it. It works in 8, 7, Vista, and XP. idk why it's a weird problem. Maybe it has... [Read More]
My brother was recently putting his computer away and allowed me to take his Vega 56. It's a Sapphire Pulse model. I swapped it with... [Read More]
After some split second power outages while I was at school 2 weeks ago, my desktop computer began to act weird. Sometimes when it would... [Read More]
Strictly Come Dancing star Ellie Taylor turned her back on modelling after a series of 'weird' castings and a 'hairy' moment with one photographer... [Read More]
Hi people! Currently I own a Tonos Q9 mic for home office and my DnD group that i DM. Problem is that when I make... [Read More]
***WARNING LANGUAGE*** The popular Jack 96.9 morning show host in Vancouver, Canada, will be taking a hiatus until 2023 following a heart attack last week.... [Read More]
Weird Al once asked Warner Bros. permission to do a Harry Potter parody and was denied...so eat it, Warner Bros.! [Read More]
Whether anyone would even want a Harry Potter parody song at this point is another question. [Read More]
This isn't the first time things have gotten weird between Belichick and Thielen. [Read More]
Hi, I do have a weird issue after I did calibrate HDR through the Microsoft HDR calibration software. When I login to my computer the... [Read More]
A new over-the-top "biopic" tells the story of Yankovic's life — sort of. David Bianculli reviews Wednesday. Journalist Steve Lopez turned his retirement question into... [Read More]
We have a large damp spot in our basement which upon further examination appears to be largely dirt. The rest of the basement is a... [Read More]
With the recent release of WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story, the decades-spanning work of Weird Al... [Read More]
Ever noticed how small-size beverages in the US are basically extra-large in Europe? [Read More]
Mix it up this holiday season with some specials you won't find airing on TNT all day. [Read More]
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