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Shirley Abrahamson, an indefatigable jurist known for her activist voice and tart dissents who was the first woman on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and later... [Read More]
Conservatives are asking the justices to change their rules to improve the chances that they, rather than federal courts, will resolve any challenges. [Read More]
A Republican-backed push to fast-track redistricting lawsuits in the Wisconsin Supreme Court has been met with skepticism from the justices. [Read More]
The Wisconsin Supreme Court turns its attention to redistricting... [Read More]
Instead of risking the loss of public trust that is the basis of its authority, the state Supreme Court should simply decline to adopt this... [Read More]
Convicted felons in the state of Wisconsin cannot own guns, even if they didn't commit a violent crime. [Read More]
The Wisconsin Supreme Court held a public hearing on a petition for a proposed rule relating to redistricting. The rule would indicate that if the... [Read More]
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