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A serial killer and a national treasure were also in the top 10 this year. [Read More]
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Google takes a look at the most popular search trends for 2022. Expert Chasity Mhende says Wordle took the top spot on the most searched... [Read More]
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2022 is drawing to an end and here are the most trending topics that shocked or amazed people around the world. [Read More]
Popular puzzle game Wordle was the most searched term on Google in 2022, beating out other search topics such as election results and Ukraine.  In... [Read More]
Google has published its Year-in-Search list for 2022, which is a look back at the top trending searches of the year. [Read More]
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The Philadelphia Phillies were number one after all! At least, according to Google. [Read More]
The search engine has today released its '2022 Year in Search - Themes and Insights', showing the most Googled words this year. [Read More]
Google says the Phillies were the top trending search sports team on the website in 2022. [Read More]
Wordle got a lot of people's attention this year. The online game, which is owned by The New York Times, was Google's most-searched word or... [Read More]
Google has released its annual "Year in Search" report outlining the top searches of 2022 around the world. [Read More]
"iPhone 14" was the eighth most searched term around the world on Google in 2022, beaten by other terms such as Wordle, the World Cup,... [Read More]
Admit it: You've probably either Googled the answer for Wordle, or at the very least searched to play it. Turns out, you're not alone. [Read More]
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