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British finance minister Rishi Sunak, who has already pledged over 200 billion pounds ($267 billion) to fight the COVID-19 crisis, will free up more cash... [Read More]
WORLD WAR 2 investigators made a "significant" find after sending a robot into a tunnel to hunt for suspected looted treasure. [Read More]
By Gary Pearce North Carolina may never see another Democratic governor like Roy Cooper. In fact, we may never see another Democratic statewide candidate like... [Read More]
CHINA appears to have constructed a village, road, and storage bunkers near to its disputed border with India as well as in Bhutanese territory. [Read More]
COVID-19 did not stop dozens of people from coming out to celebrate World War II veteran Durwood Williams' 99th birthday. [Read More]
COVID-19 did not stop dozens of people from coming out to celebrate World War II veteran Durwood Williams.The retired Air Force colonel celebrated his 99th... [Read More]
Remarkably tough, the versatile fighter delivered far more punishment than it took... [Read More]
Victor Lister survived a bleak childhood in Augusta, where he grew up in poverty and neglect. He got no medals for that, but it may... [Read More]
The coronavirus pandemic inspired gardeners to plant vegetable and fruit gardens. During World War II, Americans were urged to plant "victory gardens" as the nation... [Read More]
Kudos to Don Keelan. He gave us a history lesson and a solution. I had never heard of Merritt Edson and his battalion and its... [Read More]
The Summers County Historical Society is collecting stories from World War II. The Historical Society is working on their newest book for... [Read More]
Mr. Nalbone received the Bronze Star Medal for valor in battle. In 1944, he walked through a minefield to get help and rescued 12 wounded... [Read More]
GOP congressman Paul Gosar urged Trump voters to be more like Japanese soldiers who didn't surrender after World War II... [Read More]
In 1941, during World War II, I was born in Germany. While many German citizens lived through unspeakable ... [Read More]
With the holiday of Thanksgiving being celebrated, an art image can come to mind. The image of a family sitting around a table as a... [Read More]
Dan Rather, 89, is a veteran broadcast journalist and former anchor of the "CBS Evening News." He left the network in 2006 following a controversial... [Read More]
Weehawken officials have offered their condolences following the passing of a local World War II (WWII) veteran who was nearly 100 years old. Remembering Joe... [Read More]
A woman in Canada identifies her grandmother in photos of a country house wartime hospital. [Read More]
Either Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) needs a history lesson or he truly meant to favorably compare himself to the Nazi-allied Japanese soldiers who kept fighting decades... [Read More]
ADOLF HITLER's hideout may have been found after a group investigated a theory that the fascist dictator managed to escape at the end of World... [Read More]
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