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Police in Grand Rapids are investigating "Defund Police" messages spray-painted on driveways at the homes of city officials and at a government parking garage. ... [Read More]
Grand Rapids police are asking for help after vandals allegedly sprayed graffiti at city hall downtown, as well as near homes of city officials. The... [Read More]
One AM is the new 10:00 PM. I fade into sleep by the glow of my laptop...... Turn right then left your destination will be... [Read More]
How does it feel to know that your tax dollars are being used by anti-gun organizations to restrict or eliminate your right to keep and... [Read More]
There are no signs caseloads are easing in California and across the Southwest. And as schools furiously debate reopening and how, a rumor swirls about... [Read More]
To The Editor:Few would disagree with the statement, "A citizen of a civil society has the freedom to do whatever they wish as long as... [Read More]
Property transfers for Lynchburg and the surrounding counties, plus building permits for Bedford County. [Read More]
On June 15, the Concord City Council discussed a statement condemning racism and police brutality and determined they would further discuss this item at their... [Read More]
It isn't every day the Oregon Court of Appeals affirms your right to identify as who you are. [Read More]
So if you really believe in asserting your right to live free, why not go without both? [Read More]
even decades... [Read More]
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