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Supporters of broadening a Georgia program that pays for special education students to attend private schools say changes would meet its original mission, while opponents... [Read More]
Blackstone Group Inc. agreed to buy the iQ Student Accommodation business from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and the Wellcome Trust in the largest-ever private real... [Read More]
Goldman Sachs's (NYSE:GS) merchant banking unit and Wellcome Trust, a medical research charity, agree to sell student housing firm, iQ Student Accommodation, to Blackstone (NYSE:BX)... [Read More]
Australian company DPN Casa Capace has debuted two new homes powered by HomeKit as part of its disability accommodation initiative. [Read More]
An Australian housing provider, Casa Capace, debuted two HomeKit-equipped homes this week as part of an innovative disability accommodation pilot. For most of us, smart... [Read More]
The University of Melbourne will reimburse students' flight, accommodation and remote study expenses... [Read More]
The Belize Rainforest Retreat at Chaa Creek, a new multipurpose accommodations and meeting venue in a pristine jungle setting, is perfect for birding groups and... [Read More]
This festering issue of overcrowding of our county by an invasion of visitors and the quick reaction of many to build accessory dwelling units for... [Read More]
"You're cheap. You know that, Keva," grated Marty as he shelled out some 20s for our meal. "No, I just don't spend money unnecessarily." "Yeah.... [Read More]
You could live rent free if you don't mind sharing with a peacock or alpaca... [Read More]
Plus free food and accommodation. [Read More]
When I was growing up in the late 1980s, the daughter of a single parent in rented accommodation, we didn't have much, but we did... [Read More]
Family care arrangements where elderly parents give their assets to adult children in exchange for accommodation are becoming more common, sometimes with dire consequences. [Read More]
Those disembarking on Friday were to be taken to free accommodation at a college campus in Saitama Prefecture. [Read More]
Josh Gray, 35, was visiting Shinjuku, one of Tokyo's buzzing districts, as part of a snowboarding trip when he failed to return to his accommodation,... [Read More]
Tiny houses have become increasingly popular as holiday accommodation but are now finding their way into urban life. [Read More]
Newest ez1095 Affordable Care Act form software from Halfpricesoft.com supports employers and CPAs with foreign employees on staff. Download and test drive at halfpricesoft.com. ... [Read More]
Fed governor Lael Brainard said it was important the Fed clarify in advance that it will deploy a broader set of tools to provide accommodation... [Read More]
People who have experienced homelessness are sharing the things that took them by surprise about living on the streets - from deadly motels to not... [Read More]
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