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Ginny Jared overcame six years of meth addiction through Christ, and as a co-founder of the Rogersville-based Christ Cares Recovery Mission, she hopes to lead... [Read More]
Eleven individuals who have recovered from substance abuse and addiction were recently awarded their certificates in the supervision of asbestos abatement and removal. [Read More]
They want to make sure people can get treatment for addiction or mental health issues without having to give up their pets. [Read More]
A mobile application will be used to help treat addiction in... [Read More]
Massachusetts has paid millions in consulting fees to McKinsey & Co., a firm that has said it helped pharmaceutical companies increase profits from opioid sales... [Read More]
Sherry Verdick exploited a position of trust among a vulnerable population stealing more than a half million dollars from the Berkeley Retirement and Nursing Home... [Read More]
In her new book, Dr. Leana Wen tells stories from her days as Baltimore health commissioner working on measles vaccines, rat infestations, opioid addiction, and... [Read More]
San Diego Man Says He Experienced 'Banking While Black' In Local Bank of America Branch ... [Read More]
A Louisville woman is helping women achieve a better life. Angela Renfro is the executive director of the Kristy Foundation Inc. The agency's Freedom Center,... [Read More]
Suvari, 42, wrote about her tumultuous adolescence and the loss of her childhood in her new memoir, The Great Peace, which was published Tuesday. [Read More]
MORE than half of all UK adults are classed as being overweight or obese - that's over 35 million people. In past years, this has... [Read More]
In thinking about your July 22 article on the opioid settlement, a couple of points need... [Read More]
The 'American Beauty' and 'American Pie' actress gets candid about her personal struggles, including an "eerie" moment with Kevin Spacey, in 'The Great Peace: A... [Read More]
One Commandment recently formed in Alexandria, Va., to aid the "hidden homeless," single, middle-aged women who tend to be educated and previously employed but have... [Read More]
Mena Suvari is widely remembered for her roles in American Beauty (1999) and the first two American Pie movies, but the 42-year-old actress remembers that... [Read More]
Mena Suvari shares her past struggles with drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships in her new memoir, 'The Great Peace' — read more... [Read More]
Letters: The rolling cycle of health-destroying addiction can be stopped by this one simple measure, says Emily Marston... [Read More]
Somerset County Prosecutor's Office unveiled its Operation Helping Hand van that will go, by appointment, to residents' homes to help. [Read More]
They offer services from counseling and addiction treatment to staffing services. [Read More]
I have to admit to one addiction I have acquired over the last couple of decades, one that I thought I had no plan to... [Read More]
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