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I often get confused about colour of my side in long streak of back to back matches. Is it a feasible possibility to introduce an... [Read More]
I'd like to record my games in chess.com but I don't know hot to do it. I have a gold membership, thus I thing I... [Read More]
I love terminator so I will choose terminators... [Read More]
it's difficult as it is. playing 4 player chess and i cannot learn to play from this game, 4 player chess is to Annoying to... [Read More]
Hello, during quarentine there's not much for me to do so I decided to code chess, I downloaded the NEO chess piece from chess.com. can... [Read More]
hi guys this is mogiLane and a disaster happened today this guy banned every single member from my club and is very mean and is... [Read More]
How??? [Read More]
Hey, everyone! Today we're fully releasing a brand new and improved Lessons product for everyone to enjoy, and hope you'll try it out and let... [Read More]
I need to cancel a draw offer, I made it by mistake in a totally won game, the offer was going to do against the... [Read More]
Dean Jones died today at the hotel in Mumbai due to a cardiac arrest , he was staying in India coz he was commentating for... [Read More]
The Rink is a upscale and green sports and kids activities zone for the whole family. It is located in Skolkovo Innovation Center, only a... [Read More]
My favorite classical chess player is Magnus Carlsen... [Read More]
if Wile Coyote played a game of Chess with the Road Runner who would you bet on to win ? [Read More]
If you said yes to that then join my club. Chess school 1... [Read More]
Is there a name for the type of player who has memorized many unusual openings, but who lacks the skill to win without the aid... [Read More]
I think it went on for about 10 moves I took the Lead and than the game ended... [Read More]
My message for my best friend in this site is in this video for @ghost_of_pushwood... [Read More]
Wear a mask you heathens... [Read More]
How about that, Magnetta? [Read More]
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