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157... [Read More]
Grandmasters and upstarts are reinventing the game online, becoming its most visible ambassadors and arguably its first entertainers. [Read More]
Want more chess puzzles? Want a puzzles rating? Check out Chess.com's Tactics with 100,000+ puzzles! [Read More]
Hi all, Just played an interesting game. For context, my opponent is about 1600 (and I 1350) OTB. I didn't prepare at all for the... [Read More]
I usually play blits games of 5 min or 10 min, I don't like "thought" games, I hate it! Perhaps because I am a Professor... [Read More]
Nikita Pearl Waligwa, an actress who appeared in the 2016 Disney film "Queen of Katwe," died Saturday at the age of 15. Multiple reports indicate... [Read More]
Here is a haven for games of beginners that they would like analysis on. Anyone can analyze,anyone can request. After analysis, it is possible for... [Read More]
I'm sure some will recommend more recent books but I find the historical aspect of the books cool and the credibility of the authors attractive... [Read More]
Chess Strategies that Every Chess Player Must Know [Helping Guide]... [Read More]
(Originally posted in General subforum) Hello all, I don't know if anyone remembers me, but a while back I sought advice as a not-so good... [Read More]
I would like to apply green felt to the back of my 50-year-old wooden 21" Drueke chess board. I used the board a lot as... [Read More]
Hello, I have made two new clubs called ChessBeasts and CheckerBeasts! I hope you join and have fun! Further description is on the home page... [Read More]
Wondering what I should do with that XL Hershey Bar I found in a Lab Building where my dad works in... [Read More]
What is consider a good rating on the site. Well, I think if you are rated above 1800 then you are a good chess player.... [Read More]
Highlights of this day in history: Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer gets life in prison; House lawmakers pick a president; Garry Kasparov beats IBM's Deep Blue... [Read More]
A Disney actress died Saturday following a brain tumor, according to the Ugandan school where she was a student. Nikita Pearl Waligwa, who appeared in... [Read More]
THIS GAME IS ON HOLD until June of 2021! Because I will be gone. Apologies. Many years down the line I plan on having this... [Read More]
Legendary Chicago label Chess Records is often remembered for helping set the stage for the blues. [Read More]
Legendary Chicago label Chess Records is often remembered for helping set the stage for the blues. [Read More]
I am around 1600 online, 1400 OTB... I am looking for an opening repertoire that gives my opponents many chances to go wrong. I don't... [Read More]
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