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November is American Diabetes Month. According to the Center for Disease Control's latest diabetes report, 34.2 million Americans live with diabetes. One of tho…... [Read More]
Kidney Disease Previous studies have reported correlations between adiposity and chronic kidney disease, but it is not clear whether this is an independent association or... [Read More]
TYPE 2 diabetes can cause a wide range of symptoms in the body due to the unusually high amount of blood sugar in the body.... [Read More]
This bronzed mahi-mahi is an alternative to blacked fish. It can cook indoors without smoke and this method of cooking keeps the fish moist. The... [Read More]
Approximately 34 million American adults have diabetes. The food you eat plays a significant role in diabetes prevention and management. Earlier this week, we caught... [Read More]
Knowing diabetes and high blood pressure run in her family, Pendleton resident Donna Scott set out to work on her health and nutrition.But there was... [Read More]
November is diabetes awareness month, and on a day when a lot of us will eat a lot of sugary foods in excess, we wanted... [Read More]
Good news: Ben comes home tomorrow. Our doctor was trying to have him control his diabetes by diet. It didn't work. The norovirus kept him... [Read More]
According to a report published by the CDC in 2020, 34.2 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and another 88 million with prediabetes. [Read More]
Living with pre-diabetes or diabetes can sometimes result in wondering what to do with food at gatherings around this time of year. Should you enjoy... [Read More]
Refusing to be stopped by Type 1 diabetes, Loyola Sacred Heart goalie Megan Neuman became an all-conference soccer player for the third time in her... [Read More]
How diabetes affects your eyesight... [Read More]
Vergil E. Hansen February 25, 1939 - November 17, 2020 Vergil E. Hansen, age 82 of Emmett, Idaho passed away on November 17, 2020 with... [Read More]
If you asked David Johnson, creator of Richmond-based group Kentuckians for Affordable Insulin, there are two pandemics happening for him, and millions of others. [Read More]
It's no secret that adults over 60 are more vulnerable to COVID-19, especially when they have health conditions such as lung or heart disease, diabetes... [Read More]
Abstract [from journal] Purpose: Racial disparities have been shown in outcomes and treatment of children with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The purpose of this... [Read More]
TYPE 2 diabetes symptoms can range from excessive thirst, increased hunger, blurry vision and frequent infections. By not managing the condition properly these symptoms could... [Read More]
"I've really got to change my ways, this is serious now." [Read More]
((SL Advertiser)) Healthy holiday meals with Wonderful Pistachios for American Diabetes Month... [Read More]
An international research group headed by Professor SEINO Susumu (Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine) has clarified the action mechanism of widely utilized incretin-based drugs... [Read More]
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