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Since the beginning of the influenza season in October, there have been 11 identified cases of "flurona" among hospitalized cases, the Colorado Department of Public... [Read More]
Family dealing with dual diagnosis speaks about their experience having both the flu and COVID at the same time. [Read More]
Illinois hospitals are seeing the most COVID-19 patients compared to any other point during the pandemic, according to the state's top doctor. [Read More]
You may have heard the term "flurona" -- the idea of having both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Here's what Louisville doctors... [Read More]
Flu cases are starting to rise across parts of the U.S. And that's concerning because fewer people are vaccinated for flu, compared to last year,... [Read More]
The term "flurona" has been floating around in recent weeks, with doctors saying that it is possible to be infected with both COVID-19 and the... [Read More]
Doctors in the Pittsburgh area say they are seeing a small percentage of people testing positive for the flu and COVID-19. [Read More]
"It's the very unlucky individual who ends up with two respiratory-virus infections at the same time," CDC epidemiologist Alicia Budd told Insider. [Read More]
Co-infections of flu and COVID-19 are unusual. Experts say it is not a big deal for young, healthy people who are vaccinated against both viruses. [Read More]
In the United States, most infections are being reported in young children and teens... [Read More]
BRITONS are being urged to get a fourth vaccine as flurona - the combination of influenza and coronavirus - sweeps across the UK. The UK... [Read More]
According to Dr. Kim Onufrak with the city-county health department, it is possible to contract both coronavirus and the flu at the same time. She... [Read More]
One expert told Snopes there is "no reason to panic." [Read More]
FLURONA has many people panicking about the next dangerous and unknown strain of Covid, but medical experts have been quick to point out the inaccuracies... [Read More]
In the week you may have seen "flurona" or "deltacron" in COVID-19 headlines. [Read More]
'Flurona' is not a superbug. It is a made-up term to refer to coinfection of the seasonal flu and COVID-19, and it is unlikely to... [Read More]
A rise in COVID-19 and flu cases in both Kansas and Missouri continue to strain health care systems and now doctors are reporting cases of... [Read More]
"FLURONA" EXPLAINED: Health officials are concerned about surging cases of both the flu and COVID-19, a dual sickness. [Read More]
Flurona is the rare co-infection of the flu and the coronavirus. Here's what you should know about it — and how you can (try to)... [Read More]
It's a COVID phenomenon that had, until now, gone relatively unnoticed: You can be infected with COVID-19 and the flu at the same... [Read More]
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