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A Saturday morning rally called by the family of Walter Scott, who was shot to death by police in North Charleston five years ago, was... [Read More]
Since lynching already illegal, bill creates new crime called 'conspiracy to lynch' that allows feds to ramp up mass incarceration for thought crimes... [Read More]
City manager supports relocation of controversial Confederate statue in Hot Springs. [Read More]
It's easy to feel helpless right now. Cities across the country are seeing unarmed protesters maimed by police officers who enjoy both the full support... [Read More]
Interview: Rand Paul responds to his critics cries of racism over anti-lynching bill. [Read More]
America is in full revolt.A simmering pain has boiled over. Protesters are in the streets. Looters are on the prowl. Political leadership is on the... [Read More]
In 1918, the first anti-lynching bill was presented to Congress. It would pass the House but was blocked by the Senate. In December 2018, 100... [Read More]
A dispute over legislation to make lynching a federal crime has grown fierce as Congress turns its attention to issues of race and law enforcement... [Read More]
Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush criticized Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul for blocking an anti-lynching bill from passing in the Senate. [Read More]
Rep. Bobby Rush's, in an Axios interview, said Paul wanted to do more than modify the measure — he was "trying to gut the bill." [Read More]
For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the white cop held his death lock, unfazed by witnesses, or even George Floyd's own plea for mercy. [Read More]
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has pushed for changes to a bipartisan anti-lynching bill sparking a debate in Senate. Sens. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Kamala Harris,... [Read More]
"Senator Paul is now trying to weaken a bill that was already passed — there's no reason for this, there's no reason for this," Harris... [Read More]
The George Floyd murder is another in the never-ending series of police murders of black people, a modern version of lynching. This one, as is... [Read More]
'Now is the time in America that we condemn the dark history of our past and actually pass anti-lynching legislation,' says Senator Cory Booker... [Read More]
Republican senator Rand Paul is holding up a bill that would make lynching a federal crime, amid the George Floyd protests. Mr Paul admitted on Wednesday... [Read More]
In light of recent events, an anti-lynching bill was brought before the Senate again yesterday. The act was previously passed in the House of Representatives... [Read More]
Bearing witness to Black life only when it ends in a death is a white tradition. It is lynching, but now it is digital, writes... [Read More]
There's a lot to keep up with today, but I want to point you to this Politico writeup about the... [Read More]
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) delivered a fiery speech on the Senate floor Thursday after Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) held up an anti-lynching bill that has... [Read More]
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