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revolution-now-n660386">likely to change as AI improves to the point where robots can act as the liaison between diners and the kitchen. Robotic servers are already... [Read More]
uning timepieces is a service that fewer and fewer people seek. In the future, it's likely that robots will easily handle this delicate, precise work. [Read More]
As is the case with so many highly automated jobs, semiconductor and processor assemblers have robots to blame for their already-disappearing jobs. Experts predict that... [Read More]
FOX Business' Gerri Willis shows how robots are helping ease hotel guests' concerns amid coronavirus. [Read More]
The robots aren't replacing any humans, but they do help ease hotel guests' concerns in the middle of coronavirus. [Read More]
We take a look at robots in space, and how different types of automated machines and robots are helping us explore the surface of Mars. [Read More]
An agreement between the Royal Navy and a contractor could see the development of autonomous robots for underwater missions and, possibly, even see military use... [Read More]
Antarctic science put on ice by coronavirus – next summer's expeditions restricted to essentials and robots ... [Read More]
Robots primarily rely on two basic senses: vision and touch. But even the latter still has a long ways to go to get up to... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Author Jenny Kleeman spoke to Daily Star Online about her tour of the Abyss Creations factory in San Diego, which is home to the... [Read More]
Computation Tree Measurement Language (CTML) is a newly developed formal language that offers simultaneous model verification and performance evaluation measure... [Read More]
People rarely use just one sense to understand the world, but robots usually only rely on vision and, increasingly, touch. Carnegie Mellon University researchers find... [Read More]
In the past 10 days, positive tests for COVID-19 have skyrocketed 61% among corrections officers. In just the past three days, the number of units... [Read More]
Firms are building robots that can survey the seabed and underwater structures without human help. [Read More]
Robots go their own way deep in the ocean ... [Read More]
To adequately study a body of water such as a lake, readings and samples need to be taken from an array of depths and locations.... [Read More]
Researchers used a GoPro camera and a reacher-grabber device to gather robotic training data, a cheap approach that could someday improve home robots. [Read More]
LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug 13, 2020--Technavio has been monitoring the arc welding robots market and it is poised to grow by USD 1.1 billion during 2020-2024, progressing... [Read More]
A corrupt CIA operative and a robotics company decide to test out their new animatronic army in a remote part of the jungle. But when... [Read More]
In a preprint study, researchers present evidence that perceptions of social robots are changing for the better as a result of the pandemic. [Read More]
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