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Newly released and high-demand products like the Nvidia RTX 3090 is among the subjects of a lot of scalpers these days. [Read More]
The difficulty in buying the Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs is probably as tough as buying the PS5 as scalpers make it hard to buy the... [Read More]
If you're going to buy a scalped GPU at an over-inflated price, be careful... [Read More]
A CRACKDOWN on PS5 scalpers is coming – to the delight of gamers everywhere. The UK Government has responded to a "scalping" petition vowing further... [Read More]
Hi I live in Denver and have noticed that every time my local microcenter restocks, it's out of stock within an hour of opening and... [Read More]
The online retailer is attempting to even the playing field for consumers who can't compete against an army of bots buying up all PS5 and... [Read More]
Insiders claim a major PS5 restock will drop on March 8, as PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan apologised to those gamers still waiting to get their... [Read More]
Newegg Shuffle aims to give everyone a fair shot at a new console or graphics card. [Read More]
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