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With the news that The Pentagon is taking the unexplained sightings of highly advanced aircraft – or some unknown natural phenomenon – very seriously, bookies... [Read More]
Police are treating the death as "unexplained", and the body is yet to be identified. [Read More]
Terrie Renwick, 29, told Liverpool Crown Court that she doesn't have the means to pay back tens of thousands because some of her lavish income... [Read More]
The unexplained images of pyramid-shaped craft were shot by sailors off Californian coast. [Read More]
Russia must end its "unjustified, unexplained and deeply concerning" build-up of tens of thousands of "combat-ready" troops on Ukraine's borders, the head of Nato has... [Read More]
NATO and the US have expressed "unwavering" support for Ukraine, as it warns Russia against troop movements that could see new violence errupt. [Read More]
NATO has expressed "unwavering" support for Ukraine, as it warns Russia against troop movements that could see new violence errupt. [Read More]
Ms Mittal says she begged for a blood test to rule out anything serious but doctors refused, arguing it wasn't the hospital's protocol to carry... [Read More]
Often called this generation's Agent Orange, burn pit exposure has been pointed at by many veterans as the cause of otherwise unexplained health problems. [Read More]
Iran has reported that an unexplained blackout has occurred at its underground Natanz atomic facility. The Iranian regime has called the blackout... [Read More]
From alien encounters in England to elk abductions in Washington State, here are 11 eerie unexplained events. [Read More]
One of my mentors told me, "Unexplained syncope (passing out) is ominous and should be investigated." [Read More]
Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said multiple objects engaging in actions that represent "unexplained phenomena" have been witnessed and tracked by Navy and... [Read More]
NRA head slapped down by judge for not answering questions — and $60,000 law firm bill for "Russia" unexplained... [Read More]
A probe has been launched, with the death currently being treated as 'unexplained'. [Read More]
Leicestershire Police said officers responded to a call from East Midlands Ambulance Service at a house in Glenfield where a baby was found dead... [Read More]
Leicestershire Police say their investigation "is very much in its early stages". [Read More]
The death is still being treated as unexplained by police and has been referred to the coroner. [Read More]
Pauline Hanna's Counties Manukau DHB colleagues shocked by her death. [Read More]
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